Selected Works

Directed, shot, and edited by James Mills Score by Timothy Schmaltz:
Director of photography: James Mills
It took sixteen months for us to craft "In the Beginning," a music video about love, loss, and the blink of a lifetime. LIKE NELSON DIAZ ON FACEBOOK HERE: I met 20-year-old Nelson Diaz at the Witz End in Venice, CA on an idle Tuesday night last February (2014) amidst an audience of seven. I had never cold-offered to shoot a music video for any artist prior, however something about the soul of his music, particularly this song, inspired me. I went home that night and wrote the treatment for this video without even a copy of the track, just the indelible memory of his powerful performance. We were fortunate enough to have a surplus of talent hop on board from the get-go, most of which were immediate family (the older leads are my father and aunt) and friends (the younger leads are my roommate and neighbor, respectively). Hundreds of favors and pre-production days later, we finally began creating tangible proofs of our imagination. We chose to use the Red Dragon camera for its filmic latitude; we also decided early on to shoot the present scenes with Arri Ultra and Master primes for a sharper, less forgiving look while shooting the past scenes (when the leads are young) with the Panasonic LG7200 Anamorphic Adapter to give it a nostalgic / ethereal look, softer, and warmer. Entirely self funded and bartered, this is the first music video and publicly released song by Nelson Diaz. MAKING OF / BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS: NELSON DIAZ'S "IN THE BEGINNING" ON iTUNES: NELSON DIAZ'S "IN THE BEGINNING" ON SPOTIFY: CAST Sterling Folkestad - Young male lead Anna Beletzki - Young female lead Michael Mills - Older male lead Marcie Matassa - Older female lead Jeff Dujardin - Former boyfriend CREW James Mills - Director, Editor Jeffrey Dujardin - Producer Nelson Diaz - Producer Edwin Eversole - Director of Photography James Tsuffis - 1st AC Tim McCombe - 1st AC Jessar Nygard - Drone operator Colin Trenbeath - Colorist Derek Doublin - VFX Dennis King - Production Assistant TECH SPECS Red Dragon Camera Arri Master and Ultra Primes (for present scenes) Panasonic LG7200 Anamorphic Adapter on Canon L glass (for past scenes) A Hunt House Pictures Production Nelson Diaz's Soundcloud:
Directed by James Mills and Derek Doublin Cinematography by Edwin Eversole Produced by Andrew Suciu and Patrick O'Brien Filmed in Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California A Park and Rye Production
Meet Travis Mauck, ENDPAIN’s video producer. “I really didn’t feel like I could ask people to share some of the most personal things that have ever happened to them without sharing what I’ve been through myself.”
Official Music Video
Photographed and colored by DP Travis Mauck Produced by Jake DIckenson 2nd Unit DP: Juan Barriga Graphics by Nick Cavalier Directed and edited by James Mills
Official Music Video
A short online marketing promo video for the feature film "London Has Fallen". The spot premiered on Steve-O's Facebook page and received over 1,000,000 views.
Official Music Video